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SilverStone Grandia 05 Computer chassis USB 3.0 x 2, Mic x1, Spk x1, Black, Micro ATX, Power supply included No
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  • Producent: silverstone
  • Model: 115647
  • Kod producenta: SST-GD05B USB 3.0
  • Waga produktu: 0.02 kg
  • Gwarancja: 24 miesięcy
  • Przybliżony czas realizacji, dni robocze (Расчетное время доставки, дней Рабочая): 1-3 dni

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Wejście audio dla danych : Yes Wewnętrzne kieszenie na napęd : 2 x 3.5", 1 x 2.5" Rozmiar układu : HTPC Gniazdo rozszerzeń : 5 Waga produktu : 4.7 kolor : black Wentylator : 2 x 80mm, 2 x 120mm, Model : PC Szerokość produktu : 44 Wysokość urządzenia : 15 Materiały : Aluminium Liczba portów IEEE 1394/Firewire : 1 Głębokość urządzenia : 32.5 Zewnętrzne kieszenie na napęd : 1 x 5.25" Wbudowany wyłącznik : Yes Wyjście audio : Yes Liczba portów USB 2.0 : 2 Typ zasilacza : ATX Wymiary produktu (SxGxW) : 440 mm (W) x 151 mm (H) x 325 mm (D), 21.6 liters Moc : 1 x standard PS2(ATX), depth limit = 140mm Typ ekranu : USB 3.0 x 2, Mic x1, Spk x1 Liczba slotów rozszerzeń : 5 Wnęki na napędy : External: 5.25" x 1 Internal: 3.5" x 2 , 2.5” x 1 or 3.5" x 1 , 2.5” x 2 Inne funkcje : Three silent 120mm fans includedPositive air pressure design for excellent cooling/quietness and dust-preventionBeautiful aluminum skin for classic appearanceIncredible 325mm depth to fit comfortably inside home theater cabinetDesigned with cable routing for easy installationSupports power supply up to 180mm longSupport expansion cards up to 11 inchesSupport 2.5” hard drive or SSD (Solid-state drive) Inne funkcje : The Grandia GD05 is a follow-up of the incredible GD04 as a chassis that combines years of SilverStone expertise in SFF (Small form factor) and HTPC (Home Theater Personal Computer) designs. It has the same beautifully proportioned exterior and powerful thermal capability that rivals the best tower chassis. However, the front panel of the GD05 was designed to be more flexible so that its 325mm depth can be utilized in more places than just home theaters. Even though GD05’s diminutive size allows it to easily integrate into any home theater cabinet, it can still accommodate an impressive list of standard components such as 5.25” device, two 3.5” hard drives, a 2.5” SSD, a standard ATX power supply, and two high-end graphics cards up to 11 inches. Cooling duty in the GD05 is handled by three filtered 120mm fans designed with the same positive air pressure to enable class-leading cooling efficiency, reduced dust buildup, and silent operation. To make installation simpler, there is even enough space for cable management to be easily accomplished without the need for short cabled or modular power supply. Coupled with special attention given to the order of installation, any user can quickly assemble or upgrade the GD05 with a small and powerful PC system. Kompatybilna : Limitation of CPU cooler70mm (remove ODD if you want install up to 120mm)Limitation of PSU180mm (remove Left fan replacement as 80mm if you want install up to 220mm);Support graphic cards up to 11 inches., width restriction-4.92" Rodzaj chłodzenia : Rear 2 x 80mm fan slots (optional mounting)Side Right: 2 x 120mm intake fans, 1200rpm, 20dBALeft: 1 x 120mm intake fan, 1200rpm, 20dBA Also compatible with 80mm fan Gwarancja : 24 Producer product name : Computer chassis Producer product family : Grandia 05 Waga netto : 5.54 Waga brutto : 6.54 Zasilacz dołączony :

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